1. a) (posting so everyone can know about it) So there’s a bunch of extensions that are meant to trick websites into thinking we’re from the US - none of them have worked for me but they’ve worked for people I know so try proxmate, mediahint or tunnelbear (a VPN - you download the program). I’m still working on finding one for me, but these all do firefox too :)
b) There is this link here to watch the full episode of Oeuf that aired in Korea (click ‘continue as a free user’) - I hadn’t wanted to because it is covered in logos and has Korean subtitles on it but I can’t wait anymore so I’m just about to watch it.

2. Hannibal beaten up is from the Amuse-Bouche promo, however I don’t know which future episode it will be in. I believe the scene in the webisode was simply part of that episode, we hadn’t seen it before so it’s alluding to the killing Hannibal is doing offscreen.

3. I have watched Evangelion but to be honest it was so long ago I have forgotten much of what it was about, aside from the fact that I loved it. What similarities do you see? Jog my memory, it sounds interesting!

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